Here is a word of encouragement and a great testimonial from Martin. He sent it to me and I am passing it on to you. Be encouraged. The Lord has it under control. He is Faithful. – Pastor Rich

“Last summer, because I was having to change work , I bought a Amazon store with all of its inventory.  It was a considerable amount of money but we wanted to make the investment.

We were able to sell enough through the business to make all of our money back plus pay our monthly bills by November.  Then in January I began getting a feeling that something was about to happen and so I decided I should sell the Amazon business along with the rest of the inventory.

I put the business up for sale around the 12th of February and I don’t exactly know how, but I had a buyer purchase the whole thing  on February 28th.  And he paid cash.  And the purchase price was the same amount we paid for when we purchased it in the summer.

We didn’t know this virus was coming but God did.  The money we made through the sale will be enough to get us through the next two months.  

We praise God for this and hope this will encourage everyone.”

– Martin Davis